The local power supply is 110 volts ac/60 Hz. The type of plug is Type A, same as US and Japan. Even though most hotels also provide outlets for 220-volt appliances, travelers with electrical appliances that use a different current will need to bring a converter.
Time Zone
Time Zone Taipei is eight hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. There is no daylight-saving in Taiwan.
The local currency is the New Taiwan Dollar (NT$). The current exchange rate is approx. NT$29 to US$1 (Dec. 2012, subject to change). Foreign currencies can be exchanged at hotels, airports and a number of government-designated banks. Please visit the Currency Converter website at http://www.xe.com
Tipping and Taxes
Tipping is not customary in most places in Taiwan. It is usual, however, to tip for restaurant service and hotel porters. A 10% service charge is normal. A 5% tax is included in all purchases.
Telephone and Internet
Public telephones are easy to find in Taipei. Internet service is available in most hotels (charges may apply) and there are many WiFi hotspots including coffee shops, fast food restaurants or metro stations.