National Taiwan University Children Hospital (NTUCH) was build in 2006, the building stands about 100 meters tall and has 22 floors above the ground and 4 beneath, with a total floor area of about 73,871 m2.The number of total inpatient beds is 460, which consists of 287 general ward beds (including pediatric beds and Obstetric & Gynecology beds), and 173 specialty beds. NTUCH provides “Healing Environment” for its patients, with specially designed “Sky Castle”, with light blue for the sky, green for the color of nature, yellow shapes for harmony, and lines and boxes as the building’s scenery to help improve their visit to the hospital.
Mackay Memorial Hospital, established in 1912, is one of the largest medical centers in Taiwan. The hospital is a private Christian hospital in Taipei, mostly associated with the Revd Dr. George Leslie Mackay, DD, the first modern missionary to northern Taiwan. The hospital is deeply rooted in the Presbyterian tradition and under the spiritual guidance of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan. In 1967, the hospital built the first intensive care unit in Taiwan and, two years later, the first suicide prevention center in Southeast Asia. In 1994, it established the first demonstration burn ward in Taiwan.
Founded in 1958 and administered by the Veterans Affairs Commission of Taiwan, Taipei Veterans General Hospital (Chinese: 台北榮民總醫院; pinyin: Táiběi Róngmín Zǒngyī Yuàn) is a national first class medical center and a teaching hospital which provides tertiary patient care, undergraduate medical education programs and residency programs in Taiwan
Suang-Lien Elderly Center is established by Suang-Lien Presbyterian Church. In view of the rapid growing population of elder citizens in Taiwan, the eldrly center was established in 2009. In response to the government’s promotion of multi-level and continuous eldercare welfare policies, we’ve provided elderly center, dementia eldercare division (Unit Care), elderly community college, eldercare research center, community caring station, home care, mission center and so on.